Sprayed and Spin-Coated Multilayer Antireflection Coating Films for Nonvacuum Processed Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

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Uzum A., Kuriyama M., KANDA H., KIMURA Y., TANIMOTO K., FUKUI H., ...More

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHOTOENERGY, 2017 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Using the simple and cost-effective methods, spin-coated ZrO2-polymer composite/spray-deposited TiO2-compact multilayer antireflection coating film was introduced. With a single TiO2-compact film on the surface of a crystalline silicon wafer, 5.3% average reflectance (the reflectance average between the wavelengths of 300nm and 1100 nm) was observed. Reflectance decreased further down to 3.3% after forming spin-coated ZrO2 on the spray-deposited TiO2-compact film. Silicon solar cells were fabricated using CZ-Si p-type wafers in three sets: (1) without antireflection coating (ARC) layer, (2) with TiO2-compact ARC film, and (3) with ZrO2-polymer composite/TiO2-compact multilayer ARC film. Conversion efficiency of the cells improved by a factor of 0.8% (from 15.19% to 15.88%) owing to themultilayer ARC. J(sc) was improved further by 2mA cm(-2) (from 35.3 mA cm(-2) to 37.2 mA cm(-2)) when compared with a single TiO2-compact ARC.