Compression Properties of 3d Printed Honeycomb and Re-Entrant Sandwich Core Materials

ÇAVA K., ASLAN M., ALVER Ü., GEDİKLİ H., Kalusuraman G.

SSRN Electronic Journal, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In the presented paper, honeycomb (cellular) and re-entrant (auxetic) structures were produced with different thermoplastic filaments on FDM type 3D printer and their compression properties were tested. Samples were prepared from PP, ABS, PLA and PA thermoplastic polymers. The samples were subjected to quasi-static compression in edgewise and flatwise direction and their stress-strain relationships were established. For a proper strain evaluation, digital-image correlation was applied to measure full-field displacements on the sample surfaces and their and their compressive-deformation behaviour in both elastic and plastic regime up to the densification were evaluated. It was shown through compression tests in flatwise and edgewise directions re-entrant type of auxetic cores components exhibit higher compression failure stresses compared to those of cellular honeycomb core components. The stress strain curves of the re-entrant core failure show a higher energy absorbance of the honeycomb cores for the same polymer types