Bu araştırma grubu apiterapi, mühendislik, sağlık bilimleri ve doğa bilimlerinde araştırma yapan bir grup araştırmacı tarafından kuruldu. Gruba ait olan Apiterapi ve Doğa Dergisi (https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/jan)  2018 yılından beri bu alanda basılmaktadır. 

This research group was founded by a group of researchers engaged in research in apitherapy, engineering, health sciences and natural sciences. Journal of Apitherapy and Nature, which belongs to the group, has been published in this field since 2018.

The Journal of Apitheraphy and Nature is published electronically 2 times a year by Turkish Journal Park Academic and accepts English-language original articles and letters to the editor concerning various fields of research. These research areas are;

Research Areas

·          Apitherapy

·          Nature Sciences

·          Honey

·          Food Science and Technology

·          Pollen

·          Food Safety

·          Propolis

·          Food Toxicology

·          Royal Jelly

·          Chemistry

·          Bee Venom

·          Medical and Aromatic Plants

·          Bee Bread

·          Clinic

·          Apilarnil

·          Environment

·          Api-Air

·          Biotechnology

·          Queen Larvae

·          Biology

·          Bee Brain

·          Cancer

·          Bee Wax

·          Pharmacology

·          Forestry                           

·          Drug Design

·          Forest Product

·          Other Related Studies on Apitherapy

·          Non-Wood Forest Product

·          Other Related Studies on Nature


The editor may invite reviews covering recent developments in particular fields of interest. Contribution is open to researchers of all nationalities.

Submission Process

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically via the Internet to the Journal of Apitheraphy and Nature through the online system for Journal Park Academic at http://dergipark.gov.tr/jan . You will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of the various files. There are no page charges. Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that they have not been published and are not going to be considered for publication elsewhere.

The Copyright Transfer form should fill up online after acceptance of the manuscript via e-mail to journal’s technical assistant.

The form is available on journal web.

No additions can be made later by the authors on the articles decided to be published. Manuscripts may be rejected without peer review by the editor-in-chief if they do not comply with the instructions for authors or if they are beyond the scope of the journal.