Çıraklı M. Z. (Editor)

NALANS, Trabzon, 2019

  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Publisher: NALANS
  • City: Trabzon
  • Karadeniz Technical University Affiliated: Yes


8th INTERNATIONAL NALANS CONFERENCE Foreword International NALANS Conference has grown into an international event acquiring strong and diverse conventions of its own. It has been gathering scholars and researchers from all over the world, from China to the United States, from Denmark to Morocco. The conference has welcomed many researchers and paved the way for numerous projects concerning Narrative and Language Studies. The event has been a doorway between disciplines and continents, wrapping diverse fields of research and survey into language, literature and culture. NALANS conference foregrounds a significant feature in that it has brought together various languages: Russian and Turkish besides English. Since the first conference held in 2012 (it was a modest launching pad forward as a student conference then), our conferences have proved important summits and provided an academic platform for the researchers. Over the years, we have improved our projections and happily seen the flourishing of the NALANS conference, journal, association, publishing house and other branches. We want to convey our kind regards and warm feelings to those who have supported us from the beginning, our keynote speakers, our presenters, our participants and students. Notably, we should like to thank our Keynote Speakers, whose abstracts and full-texts are available in the following pages. Without their noteworthy rejoice of language studies and remarkable interest in the sessions with keen insights, elevated excitement and enthusiastic motivation, the conference would be so colourless. We should extend our gratitude to the Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Öksüz, Prof. Dr. Bayram Sevinç for their encouragement and support. Moreover, we have to underline the inspirational motivation and scientific ground provided by “International Journal of Narrative and Language Studies (NALANS) and Turkish Notes Project (T-Notes) Team, and we are grateful to Prof. Dr. John Pier, from European Narratology Network and appreciate Prof. Dr. Ülkü Eliuz for her honourable and persistent motivation. We look forward to seeing you at the next conferences! NALANS CONFERENCES Studies in Narrative, Language, Literature, Education and Culture Mustafa Zeki Çıraklı & Fehmi Turgut ps. The present e-Book of Abstracts and Proceedings at hand brings together a variety of ideas concentrating on the issues discussed at 8th NALANS, 2019. Please keep in mind; this is the 2nd impression of the Book. In line with your suggestions for the corrections, spelling mistakes, missing names or sections, we revised the manuscript in the present edition. We hope that you will be highly stimulated and inspired by the abstracts and papers included in this volume of the Proceeding eBook as did with the previous ones.