Numerical calculation of the flow around two dimensional automobile model with the constant effective viscosity approach İki boyutlu otomobil modeli etrafindaki akişin sabit efektif viskozite yaklaşimi ile sayisal hesaplanmasi


Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, vol.20, no.6, pp.307-312, 1996 (Scopus) identifier


In this study, the two-dimensional turbulent flow around an automobile model has been numerically calculated. It is well known that the effective viscosity is very important variable in the prediction of the turbulent flows. In the present study; the effective viscosity is assumed as a constant parameter in the flow field, so that there is no need to solve extra turbulence model equations. On the solid boundaries slip condition has been considered, so that the boundary layer thickness has been neglected. The flow field is governed by the non-dimensional stream function and vorticity equations. In the flow field, vorticity, stream function and also velocity components have been computed and the velocity vectors have been plotted. The computation domain has been discretized using the non-uniform orthogonal mesh structure and the finite difference equations have been solved explicitly under the proper boundary conditions. The validity of the results depending on these idealizations have been investigated and the results obtained are seen to be qualitatively good.