Consistent Empirical Physical Formulas for Potential Energy Curves of Ti38-66 Isotopes by Using Neural Networks

AKKOYUN S., BAYRAM T., Kara S. O., Yildiz N.

PHYSICS OF PARTICLES AND NUCLEI LETTERS, vol.10, no.6, pp.528-534, 2013 (ESCI) identifier


Nuclear shape transition has been actively studied in the past decade. In particular, the understanding of this phenomenon from a microscopic point of view is of great importance. Because of this reason, many works have been employed to investigate shape phase transition in nuclei within the relativistic and nonrelativistic mean field models by examining potential energy curves (PECs). In this paper, by using layered feed-forward neural networks (LFNNs), we have constructed consistent empirical physical formulas (EPFs) for the PECs of Ti38-66 calculated by the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) method with SLy4 Skyrme forces. It has been seen that the PECs obtained by neural network method are compatible with those of HFB calculations.