A New Species of Enhydrosoma Boeck, 1872 (Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Cletodidae) from the Black Sea Coast of Turkey with Some Remarks on the Taxonomic Status of E. Wellsi Bodin, 1968


TURKISH JOURNAL OF FISHERIES AND AQUATIC SCIENCES, vol.19, no.10, pp.817-823, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier


During a survey that was conducted at the South East Coast of Black Sea, Turkey on 10 March 2015, undefined Enhydrosoma specimens were encountered in the samples that were taken from 30 m depth of Camburnu Harbour and described as new to science in detail. The new species differs from all of the known species of the genus by having 4 elements on the distal segment of Periopods(P) 3 and P4 exopod (exp) except E. wellsi and E. longifurcatum but can easily be differentiated from E. wellsi by lacking an inner seta on P2-P4 exp-2; by having 2 setae instead of 3 on P1 endopod(enp)-1, 2 setae at antenna (A2) exp instead of one and having a mandibular palp with 3 setae instead of 5. The new species also differs from E. longifurcatum by having 4 elements on the distal segment of P3-P4 exp and with the form of female P5. On the other hand, it has been concluded that the report of E. longifurcatum from the Black Sea given by Apostolov and Marinov (1988) is conspecific with the new species and considered as a synonym of the new species.