Diplopia and Ptosis in Consequence of Probable Vipera Barani Bite

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Turkmen S., KARACA Y., Tatli O., Aksut N., BÜLBÜL U.

JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE CASE REPORTS, vol.6, no.2, pp.26-28, 2015 (ESCI) identifier


Introduction: Snake bites in Turkey are generally from nonvenomous species. However, injuries caused by venomous snakes are occasionally encountered. The family Viperidae (vipers) account for all of these injuries. Baran's Adder, Vipera barani, is a member of the family Viperidae found in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Poisoning by this species may cause hematological symptoms. Although there is a possiblity of a minor neurologic effect, no case developing neurological symptoms has been previously reported in the literature.