A Research on the Customer Relationship Management in the Furniture and Other Forest Products Business (Istanbul Provincial Sample)


KASTAMONU UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF FORESTRY FACULTY, vol.17, no.1, pp.88-98, 2017 (ESCI) identifier


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a mangement tool for anyone who wants to survive in today's customer oriented business world and intense competition environment. Customer Relationship Management was business strategy or the culture which developed for activate to sales, marketing and service processes. Customer relationship magement can be defined as reconstruction for increase the competitiveness of businesses on the basis of customer needs. Customer relationship management systems such as other systems can only be beneficial when used correctly. In this study, it was investigated that pre-sales, during sales and after-sales practices which is an important part of costumer relationship management in furniture and other forest products industry business in the province of Istanbul. In addition, it was investigated that whether average of points of customer relationship management implementation levels according to demographic characteristics of employees are different or no differences. Survey which was used in this research had been implemented to a total of 344 company employees with face to face survey method. 225 of employees were in furniture sector and 119 were other forest products sector. The survey questions were prepared by 5 point -likert scale. Respondents to the survey are the lower, middle and senior level managers. SPSS statistical software package was used for the evaluation of study data and some descriptive statistics, t-test and One-way ANOVA analysis were given in study. As a result, it was found that customer relationship management is given in accordance with the budget and facilities in the furniture and other forest products businesses and increased the emphasis on modern marketing concept for institutionalization and the growth of businesses.