Çelebi V.

9 INTERNATİONAL SYMPOSİUM TRADİTİON AND CONTEMPORARY LİTERATURE Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Univertity Shota Rustaveli İnstitute , pp.488-495, 2015 (Conference Book)


The aspire to transformation of artistic methods is peculiarity of modern literature. Realism as literary trend passes through serious transformations in post-modernism epoch. Realistic writers base their creativity on thesis, that human personality is conditioned by external factors and social circumstances.                                                                       In early 90-th the forming of new creative method was marked as part of different artistic tendencies. ''New realism'' became synthesis of traditional realistic and post-modernism principles of life description. ''Life similarity'', documental truth of life, isn't the main characteristic pf realistic prose already. Realistic prose is connected with legend, myth, proverb fantasy, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              So, such multiformity of life reflection variants became the reason of new notions engendering, such as ''transmetarealism'', '' hyperralism'', ''postmodernistic realism''. All of them demonstrate synthetic nature of modern realism. Style ''new formations'' in realistic literature created such notions as ''romantic realism'', sentimental realism'', ''magic realism'', ''metaphysical realism'', ''christian realism'', ''mystic realism'' and others. ''Postrealism'', fixed in Russian literature  since early 90-th is also based on realism.                   The inclination to realistic tradition displayed in mass literature, in ''feminine'' prose especially, in neonaturalsitic, neonsentimentalistic works, marked by interest to hero's personal, intimate life, to degraded people, to marginal characters, is opposed to scepsis and cynicism of  postmodernism.                                                                                      In the same time, creativity of many writers, who work actively as realists and orientate to traditional classical literature, is enriched by new means of artistic expressiveness  and is getting more remarkable position on modern literary process.