Effects of Temperature and Biodiesel Fraction on Dynamic Viscosities of Commercially Available Diesel Fuels and Its Blends with the Highest Methyl Ester Yield Corn Oil Biodisel Produced by Using KOH

Gülüm M. , Bilgin A.

Exergy for A Better Environment and Improved Sustainability, Fethi Aloui and Ibrahim Dincer, Editör, Springer International Publishing, Zug, ss.83-102, 2018

  • Basım Tarihi: 2018
  • Yayınevi: Springer International Publishing
  • Basıldığı Şehir: Zug
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.83-102
  • Editörler: Fethi Aloui and Ibrahim Dincer, Editör