Hydrogen production from renewables: Biomass

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Kar T., Keleş S.

Journal of Engineering Research and Applied Science, vol.8, no.2, pp.1279-1285, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract The use of renewable energy sources is vital to secure the future of all humanity. Hydrogen energy produced from renewable energy sources has an important role in clean and sustainable energy production. One of the most important characteristics of hydrogen energy is that it does not leave any harmful residues that threaten nature and human life when burned. Hydrogen and renewable energy generation partnerships can provide some advantages to both technologies. Renewables can use hydrogen to storage overage production and supply energy on demand. Renewables can add reliability to the clean energy demands of hydrogen, providing that the production of hydrogen is in fact greenhouse gases emissions free and independent from fossil fuels. However, there are many subjects that need to be well-considered in determining the potential for this option. Some of those subjects are the cost of hydrogen generation from renewables, the suitability of hydrogen storage process, the efficiency of electricity generation from hydrogen, and the all efficiency of renewable energy and hydrogen system. There are also numerous different storage alternatives for renewables that show promise and may deserve more attention. This paper will analyze the present state of R&D for renewable-hydrogen integration from biomass in Turkey. Keywords: renewable energy, hydrogen energy, biomass, gasification, Turkey