Deaths due to "patpat" accidents in the Black Sea Region, Turkey

Ketenci H. C., Altinok M., Ozsoy S., Aydogdu H. I., Celik M., BEYHUN N. E.

ULUSAL TRAVMA VE ACIL CERRAHI DERGISI-TURKISH JOURNAL OF TRAUMA & EMERGENCY SURGERY, vol.28, no.1, pp.78-83, 2022 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier identifier


BACKGROUND: Overtime, agricultural machines have been designed appropriate to more simple needs, instead of tractors which have a wide area of use. An example of these is the "patpat," so named because of the sound of the motor, and for which the main purpose is ploughing. METHODS: A patpat is a single-axle, two-wheeled tractor with a trailer attached. In this descriptive study, the descriptive characteristics and causes of death were analyzed of case related to patpat accidents for which autopsies were performed by the Forensic Medicine Institution Trabzon Group Directorate between 2006 and 2017. RESULTS: Information was retrieved from the scene of accident examination documents, and the autopsy and laboratory records. The 21 cases comprised 17 (81%) males and 4 (19%) females, with a mean age of 47.6 +/- 20.3 years (median: 57, range: 10-75 years). Of the total accidents, in 85.7% (n=18), no other vehicle was involved. Following the accident, 52.4% (n=11) of the patpats were found at the side of the road, and 33.3% (n=7) at the edge of a stream or at the bottom of a steep valley. The cause of the accident was determined to be that the patpat had overturned on a bend in 33.3% (n=7) cases and in 85.7% (n=18) of cases, the patpat was found overturned or on its side. The most common injury was being thrown from the vehicle (38.1%, n=8), and in 66.7% (n=14) of cases, the deceased was the patpat driver. CONCLUSION: Patpat accidents are a serious problem because of the frequency of use of these vehicles without proper supervision and especially because of the hazardous topographical conditions where they are used.