Capabilities to Use Plants Grown in Wetlands of Erzurum for Landscape Design

Turgut H., Yılmaz S.

Alinteri Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol.35, no.2, pp.174-180, 2020 (ESCI)


Based on how a wetland is defined by the Ramsar Convention, the Erzurum province is a rich region in terms of wetlands. This study aimed to identify capabilities to use wetland plants, which are grown in running waters (rivers, streams, brooks, and estuaries), temporary wetlands, swamp lakes, and high-water table area located within the provincial confines of Erzurum, for landscape design. As a part of the study, the samples were taken from a total of 287 spots in 6 main locations to identify wetland plants. A survey was conducted for the plants identified with 100 students educated in the Department of Landscape Architecture. Plants were evaluated with their aesthetic properties such as their color, form, tissue, richness, and fascination. Based on the survey, it was concluded that 36 of them could be used for landscape architecture on grounds of their aesthetic characteristics.