Bound state solutions of Dirac equation: spin and pseudo-spin symmetry in the presence of the combined Manning-Rosen and Yukawa tensor potentials

Ahmadov A., Nagiyev S. M., AYDIN C., Tarverdiyeva V. A., Orujova M. S., Badalov S.

EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS, vol.137, no.9, 2022 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this study, the bound state solutions of the Dirac equation with spin and pseudo-spin symmetries are presented for the Manning-Rosen potential with Yukawa-like tensor interaction. In the supersymmetry quantum mechanics and Nikiforov-Uvarov methods framework, we obtain the relativistic energy eigenvalues associated with Dirac spinor components of wave functions. Next, the relativistic energy eigenvalues and corresponding radial wave functions are expressed as a recurrence relation in the Jacobi polynomials for arbitrary spin-orbit coupling quantum number k. The parameter space of allowable bound state regions of potential strength V-0 is presented for the parameters of the exact spin and pseudo-spin symmetry limits. Adapting our results to specific potentials characterising different systems is also stated. The findings for particular cases exhibit a good agreement with the already reported results. In addition, the spin and pseudo-spin bound state energy spectra for various levels are investigated in the absence and the presence of tensor coupling. The energy levels are sensitive depending on arbitrary spin-orbit coupling quantum number K, radial quantum numbers n, and screening parameter delta. It is also found that the tensor interaction eliminates the degeneracies between Dirac spin and pseudo-spin doublet eigenstate partners.