A study on some fruit characteristics and propagations of these by hardwood cuttings of local fig cultivars grown in Ordu (Turkey)

Karadeniz T.

2nd International Symposium on Fig, Caceres, İspanya, 7 - 11 Mayıs 2001, ss.107-112 identifier identifier


This study was carried out 3 local fig cultivars grown in Ordu. In research, the fruits were harvested and analyzed, then some important physical and chemical characteristics of cultivars were determined. Fruit weight was between 41.02-150.51 g, fruit width 40.21-66.50 mm, fruit length 242.92-60.50 mm, pH 4.81-4.94, total soluble solid contents 15.86-22.65. Otherwise, rooting was examined by applying various concentrations IBA to the cuttings taken different periods. One-year-old hardwood cutting of 3 fig culture were planted in perlite from end of October to end of March. Some important differences were obtained due to cultivars and periods. The highest rooting was obtained in Patlican cv as total (58 %) with 1000 ppm IBA.