Landscape structures course training process in landscape architecture with the three-dimensional technique of expression

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Global Journal on Humanities and Social Sciences, vol.1, pp.1-11, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Department of Landscape Architecture admits the candidates determined by the Student Placement Program in accordance with their exam scores and the department quotas. Initially, susceptibility of these freshmen to the department education is not known.  The first difficulty they face in this training process is to design a product from many course books, interpret its spatial relationships and produce it using appropriate techniques of narration and communication. Implementing a creative and original approach in this training process is considered as an important purpose for the cultivation of creative landscape architects. With this study landscape structures, which is an undergraduate course for the students of Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Forestry, Landscape Architecture, has been evaluated to be implemented with a new content.  It has been put forward that this course is very important due to both its diversity and gains and its complementary effects on the 4-year-education process.  It has also been highlighted that achievements in a course should be a prerequisite or infrastructure for another course, and that creative learning be given more importance. As a result, a unique approach has been developed for the first time for teaching the course of landscape structures, which has been evaluated as a positive contribution to the education of Landscape Architecture.  For the course of landscape structures, this approach has been found different but very effective and creative in reaching a solution while working on the model of a product designed in mind to make it concrete and evaluating the compliance between the paired works of art and the student’s work related to the course