Integrated QFD, Fuzzy Linear Regression and ZOGP: An Application of E-Store Design

Celik P., Ustasuleyman T.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ANALYTICS, vol.6, no.4, pp.61-73, 2019 (ESCI) identifier identifier


In the current, highly competitive marketplace, customer demand is a major factor in the product design process. Most firms make an effort to indicate that their products differ from the competitors' products. The purpose of this paper is to understand customers' expectations of and technical requirements for e-stores and to evaluate most popular e-stores in Turkey (i.e., ES1, ES2, ES3). In this study, the authors aim to understand the customer expectations and technical requirements by using quality function deployment (QFD). To prepare the house of quality (HoQ), the authors surveyed 20 experts who are customers who have elite membership (their expenses for these e-stores are more than regular customers and have elite cards) of the three e-stores and academicians. After creating the HoQ, the authors employ fuzzy linear regression to evaluate the relationships between customer expectations and technical requirements and among technical requirements themselves. Finally, the authors use zero-one goal programming (ZOGP) to select the most desirable e-store.