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Keleş H.

Journal of Applied and Pure Mathematics, vol.5, no.3, pp.187-196, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


his study is about spin half add operations in B2 and B3.
The burden of technological structures has increased due to the increase in
the use of today’s technological applications or the processes in the digital
systems used. This has increased the importance of fast transactions and
storage areas. For this, less transactions, more gain and storage space are
foreseen. We have handle tit (triple digit) system instead of bit (binary
digit). 729 is reached in 3^6 in B3 while 256 is reached with 2^8 in B2.
The volume and number of transactions are shortened in B3. The limited
storage space at the maximum level is storaged. The logic connectors and
the complement of an element in B2 and the course of the connectors and
the complements of the elements in B3 are examined. ”Carry” calculations
in calculating addition and ”borrow” in calculating difference are given in
B3. The logic structure B2 is seen to embedded in the logic structure B3.
This situation enriches the logic structure. Some theorems and lemmas
and properties in logic structure B2 are extended to logic structure B3.