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Dr. Bekir Sahin is a scholar in the management fields of supply chain, logistics, transportation and shipping business. His research motivation comes from emerging debates in the supply chain management while developing original methods and proposing novel approaches in behavioral science, optimization, technology management, safety science and risk assessment. He received his bachelor degree from the Department of Maritime Transportation Management Engineering at Istanbul University (2007). His Master of Science degree is from the Department of Engineering Technology at University of Houston in 2011. Bekir Sahin completed his Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Istanbul Technical University (2015). The dissertation title is “Risk Assessment and Marine Accident Analysis for Ice-Covered Waters”.  He has many published papers in refereed journals and proceedings. He also reviews several manuscripts for distinguished journals. He gives the courses of Port and Terminal Operations, Chartering & Brokering and Logistics Management at the Department of Maritime Transportation Management Engineering, Karadeniz Technical University. Dr. Sahin is married, and he is father of a daughter.

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