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He was born in Trabzon in 1972. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Trabzon. He was graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Trabzon Vocational High School Tourism and Hotel Management program. During the following year he served in this sector. In 1993, he passed a special skill exam and started K.T.U. Engineering Architecture Faculty Interior Architecture Division and was graduated in 1997 in second place within the faculty and thirds place within the university. In 1998, he was assigned as researcher in 1998 to K.T.Ü. Science Institute Architecture Division.  

In 2001, he completed his master thesis named “an experimental study about the effect of surface coating materials on internal space perception at semantic dimension” and was graduated from the master program of K.T.U. Architecture Faculty Architecture Division.  The same year he was nominated for the K.T.U. Architecture Faculty Architecture Division doctorate program.

In 2005 he completed his doctorate study named “graphical design on walls which are interior space surfaces: an analysis study in beneficial and syntagmatic means.”  and was graduated from the doctorate program of K.T.U. Architecture Faculty Architecture Division. Same year he was assigned as lecturer to K.T.U. Architecture Faculty. In 2008, he was assigned as assistant professor to K.T.U. Architecture Faculty. In 2014 he received the title of associate professor and was assigned to the same faculty.   

He took part in research and application projects, all division activities and most of division commissions within the division. Besides, he played role as corrdinator in many lessons within interior architecture division. Moreover, he attended local and international scientific events by “article, announcement, seminar, etc.”  

Aydintan, who served as the head of the Interior Architecture Department of the Faculty of Architecture at KTU, uninterraptedly be tween 2008 and 2020, was appointed as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at KTU March 2021 and still continues his duty.


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