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Transcriptional analysis of Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus amv217 Gene

8th International Entomopathogens and Microbial Control Congress, Antalya, Turkey, 6 - 08 October 2022, pp.25

Biotechnological Perspective of Entomopoxviruses.

Eurasian Congress on Molecular Biotechnology, Trabzon, Turkey, 19 - 21 September 2019, pp.41-42

Transcriptional Analysis of Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus (AMEV) Genes Encode Entry Fusion Complex (EFC) Proteins in HeLa Cells

6th International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey, İzmir, Turkey, 5 - 08 September 2018, pp.58

Whole Genome Sequence and Organization of a Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus (LdMNPV) strain from Turkey

International Agricultural, Biological and Life Science Conference, Edirne, Turkey, 2 September - 05 December 2018, pp.802

Transcriptional analysis of the putative glycosyl transferase gene (amv248) of Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus

International Congress on Invertebrate Pathology and Microbial Control and th 48th Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology, Vancouer, Canada, 9 - 13 August 2015, pp.101

Identification of Early Response Proteins in Compatible and Incompatible Interaction Between Wheat and Stripe Rust

International Conference Plant Disease and Resistance Mechanism, Viyana, Austria, 20 - 22 February 2013, pp.80

Proteomic investigation of compatible interaction between wheat and yellow rust

15th European Congress of Biotechnology, İstanbul, Turkey, 23 - 26 September 2012, pp.129

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