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Institutional Information: Edebiyat Fakültesi, Psikoloji Bölümü, Deneysel Psikoloji
Research Areas: Experimental Psychology, Biopsychology

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I am Dr. Yeliz Vural, graduated from the University of Bristol (UoB) with a PhD degree in Psychology in 2023. Previously I did my Master's degree (Msc) at the UoB in Applied Neuropsychology. In 2015, I was awarded a £150k scholarship by the Ministry of Turkish National Education and I was sent to the UK to do my Master's and PhD degrees. I did my undergraduate in Psychology at Ege University. I have a two year experience as a Psychologist at Turkish Ministry of Public Health Agency, Kırklareli.

I have expertise in the field of Nutrition and Behaviour, understanding psychology of human eating behaviour. My PhD research is concerned with the UK consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards plant-based meat alternatives and cultured meat and the role of disgust in acceptance of these products. My PhD projects took an interdisciplinary approach, bringing environmental, social, consumer and health psychology together. Throughout my PhD, I conducted five quantitative studies some of which were supported by qualitative research. I am an innovative thinker and I have a special interest in multidisciplinary, cross-cultural mixed-method projects in sustainability, appetite (e.g., food reward) and obesity.